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Career Consultant founder Mackenzie Fuchs brand photo session. Meet Mackenzie, She is a wife mom, and mental health therapist. She discovered her true calling, believing it was a plan set by a higher power. Volunteering at a mental health nonprofit became her guiding light, each person she helped adding a piece to her life’s puzzle. Mentored by incredible women who saw her potential, Mackenzie was inspired to pursue a master’s degree in rehabilitation and addiction counseling.

She realized doubts and the search for purpose are universal struggles. Everyone faces questions about worth, direction, and value throughout their lives. Every 8 to 10 years, people undergo significant career transitions. Mackenzie sees these as opportunities for growth. If you’re navigating uncertainty or change, she’s here to help explore the journey together. Embrace a ‘whole person’ approach to discover the next fulfilling phase of your life.

Find out more about Mackenzie and the Full Bloom services here. | Photo: The Branded Boss Lady | Photographed at: The brand studio | Hair and Makeup: Makeover Station


Mackenzie Of Full Bloom Career Consulting

January 19, 2024

Mackenzie Of Full Bloom Career Consulting Career brand photo shoot

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Brand photography for Boss Ladies that want to stand out, connect to their brand tribe and be the face of their brand.  I've got you covered! 

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I'm Amalie (AKA The Branded Boss Lady) I am a branding photographer for female business owners, makers and entrepreneurs. 

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