Orlando brand session with Ashley from Coco’s Sweet Treats

How do they not have a cotton candy emoji yet?!? Meet Ashley she is a wife, dog mom and owner of the oh so colorful and delish brand Coco’s Sweet Treats. 

Ashley started Coco’s as a side business from her everyday 9-5. From there she found a passion in getting creative, connecting with her community at local events and coming up with tons of fun and unique flavors like starburst, gummy bear, pop rocks and even a lucky charms flavored cotton candy! They are just as pretty as they are delicious, trust me I tried them ALL!!

Ashley’s business name was inspired by her rescue pup Coco, Chanel of course! She was a rescue pup that was in four foster homes before finally settling in with Ashley and her husband. Cocos give 10% of all earnings to the local shelter. Coco’s Sweet Treats was born off of an impulse purchase of a cotton candy machine. We were in the midst of the pandemic. Ashley was getting stir crazy and saw something on TikTok about cotton candy. She ended up purchasing a machine that very day and it arrived in about a week.

Once she started using the machine, she knew it had the potential to be so much more than just a hobby. Ashley started practicing and creating her own flavors to spin out.  Excitedly bringing them to her co-workers, family, and friends to test out. Through the holiday season, Ashley sold containers to her local community for stocking stuffers, birthday parties, and more.
You can find Ashley over at @cocossweettreatsfl  on Instagram and see her schedule of events where you can get your hands on some of the sugary goodness!

Shot by the branded boss lady | Shot at the brand studio orlando


Coco’s Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Brand Session

January 12, 2022

brand session with cotton candy artist

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