Cherrise Wilks CEO brand photo session

This gal has a smile that can light up a room. Confidence that attracts and you want to be her BFF. Meet Cherrise Wilks she is the Chief Funding Strategist for Affinity Consulting Group, and an educational service, The Fund Finders®. There she helps your small business, or government entity, get money to grow and fund your mission.

Cherrise’s mission is to directly impact 1k small businesses in previously overlooked communities. With the structural foundation to scale their business by doing the following: gaining access to capital funding and additional lines of credit, securing a grant, or winning a local or federal contract. Her goal is to elevate the financial game of minority small businesses.

ACG is a women-owned consulting firm that helps improve client profitability, generate new business revenue streams and advise on expert practices to meet your needs. Their expertise lies with strategic planning for increasing profits. While providing data driven solutions so her clients can reach all of their goals!

Cherrise loves helping her clients gain clarity around the strategy I set for them and seeing them execute the plan to receive new revenue streams. Go check her out on Instagram at @thefundfinders


Cherrise Wilks CEO of Affinity Consulting Group | Brand Photo Session

March 16, 2023

Cherrise Wilks CEO of Affinity Consulting Group Brand Photo Session

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