Orlando brand photo session with Heidi Jaffe creator of Nissa Retreats

Meet Heidi—certified as a Psychic Medium and Master Teacher of Psychic Mediumship, demonstrating her commitment to acquiring and honing her abilities. Embarking on her psychic journey, Heidi ardently guides others toward unlocking their inner potential. Whether offering readings or teaching, she endeavors to empower and illuminate the path for those navigating their spiritual journey.

Diversifying her expertise, Heidi has established Nissa Retreats—an initiative devoted to crafting inclusive and extraordinary experiences amid breathtaking natural settings. The eagerly awaited upcoming retreat in Costa Rica adds to her ventures. The psychic mediumship development and exploration retreat, nestled in the tranquil Costa Rican rainforest at Imiloa Institute. It presents a transformative 6-day, 5-night journey. Furthermore, its amidst 30 acres of pristine wilderness, participants gain a rare opportunity to explore and nurture their psychic abilities.

Nissa Retreats distinguishes itself by providing a secure, supportive, and inviting environment for like-minded individuals to converge, foster spiritual growth, and delve into the realms of mediumship. In addition to enriching workshops, delightful activities such as a Cacao Ceremony, yoga sessions, breath work, and a Mandala Ceremony elevate the experience. Truly, what a dream!

Photo: The Branded Boss Lady | Session photographed at: The brand studio | Hair and Makeup: Makeover Station


Heidi Jaffe psychic medium brand session

February 6, 2024

Heidi Jaffe Orlando psychic medium and creator of Nissa retreat Brand

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