Artist brand photo session with Devin from Minimod | Orlando brand photographer

Say hello to Devin, the artistic powerhouse balancing roles as a wife, artist, and interior designer. In a recent photo session, I captured the essence of Devin’s creativity, showcasing her digital and watercolor artistry, along with some stunning headshots that reflect her unique style.

Devin’s cool and stylish vibe makes her instantly likable; no wonder you’d want her as your BFF. I crossed paths with Devin through another design dynamo, Christina, highlighting the strong network of talent in the interior design world.

Driven by her passion, Devin channels her creativity into Minimod—a side hustle turned showcase of talent. From captivating digital art to watercolor masterpieces and trendy pins, Devin’s creations are a testament to her artistic brilliance.

Explore Minimod, grab some unique artwork, and join the ranks of those inspired by Devin’s multifaceted artistic journey. Trust me; I have a collection of her work, and it’s a game-changer for any art lover’s space.

Find out more about Devin here: Minimod studio website | Images and video: The Branded Boss Lady | Studio The Brand Studio


Devin from Minimod studio | Artist brand photo session

December 16, 2023

Devin Chase Orlando Watercolor artist and Interior Designer Brand Session

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