Orlando psychologist brand session

Orlando Therapist brand photo session. Meet Dr. Samantha Rae, she is a licensed psychologist in Orlando and believes in doing her own work so she can help her clients be better.

Samantha owns an online private practice, offering therapy, seminars in workshops on mental health. She helps ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs struggling with perfectionism to prioritize their well-being while still honoring their big dreams.

Samantha helps helpers who are running on empty. She knows we are living in stressful times. So it makes sense you feel exhausted and kind of like life is just happening to you. You are not alone!

Dr. Rae blends art + science in her approach to therapy. She values research and also believes in the importance of intuition, creativity, and authentic human connection to make change. 

Her worldview and her commitment to social justice is inextricably tied to my therapy. Dr. Rae provides collaborative, empowering, and compassionate therapy. Samantha helps uncover and challenge systems of oppression via personal activism and in 1:1 discussions with her clients.

You can find out more about Dr. Samantha Rae HERE


Dr. Samantha Rae psychologist brand session

December 8, 2022

Orlando Therapist brand photo session

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