Orlando Event Designer Brand Photo Session

Meet Angie – a force of joy, creativity, and the driving force behind Angie’s Tables. It all started with a passion for creating unforgettable moments around dinner tables.

Angie is more than just an event planner; she’s a magnetic personality. Her love for design transforms spaces into stunning canvases for custom-designed parties, events, and, of course, unforgettable dinner parties.

With a background steeped in the glamour of Broadway, Angie brings a touch of NYC style to everything she does. Her creativity knows no bounds, showcasing her clients’ dreams and creating showstopper designs for celebrations that linger in memories.

Having had the privilege of working alongside Angie, I can attest to her authenticity and the genuine enthusiasm she brings to the table—pun intended. This gal is the real deal, and there’s an undeniable excitement watching her turn dreams into reality.

What sets Angie apart is not just her skill set but the sheer dedication she invests in each project. She is not merely orchestrating events; she’s curating experiences that linger in the hearts of those fortunate enough to be part of them.

And now, as Angie sets her sights on Orlando, I can’t help but be thrilled for the city. Get ready for a dose of NYC glitz, a sprinkle of Broadway magic, and a touch of Angie’s creative brilliance. Orlando, brace yourself for Angie’s Tables – where passion meets creativity and memorable moments are born. This is one journey you won’t want to miss as we eagerly await the flourishing of Angie’s business in our midst!

Find more about Angie and her business at Angie’s Table | Images by: The branded boss lady | Photographed at: The brand studio


Angie Kantor of Angie’s Tables

January 24, 2024

Angie Kantor or Angie's Table event designer brand photo session

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