Why I love CloudSpot as a brand photographer

March 1, 2022

My five favorite cloudspot features

My five favorite features in CloudSpot for brand photography

My five favorite cloudspot features

I have been a professional photographer for the past 12 years. I found CloudSpot after using and another company that I had been with for the past 10 years that was incredibly unprofessional and left a bad taste in my mouth….let’s just say I lost ALL access to my galleries and YEARS of work!

Some of the biggest things that I was looking for in a new photo hosting company were of course great client and customer service, ease of viewing and selecting images for my clients, a beautiful collage style layout to showcase my images and a good price since I have thousands upon thousands of images that I share with my clients and store. In comes CloudSpot, a company that has been around since 2015 but is truly changing the game! They checked all my boxes and more.

There are a bunch of features that I love as a photographer but specifically as a brand photographer they have helped me grow my business. I have more time to do what I love and I can make more money because the ease of clients to pick images and purchase more as well. Below are five of my most favorite features that I use as a brand photographer.


Unlike wedding or portrait photographers, as a brand photographer I do not deliver my clients fully edited gallery. I deliver a gallery within 24 hours of my clients sessions that I call the unedited gallery. This is where my clients can go through each one of the images that are watermarked by me in CloudSpot (another awesome option). They can go through the images that I photographed and pick the ones that they love and want me to edit for them.

This saves me LOADS of time since I do not have to edit every single image and, it also saves my time because I use to have to write down all the file numbers they loved. Now all my clients do is click the heart in the upper right hand side of their images and I can see exactly the ones the pick in real time! This makes my editing process faster, more streamlined and so incredibly easy for my clients.

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady

No. 2 –GIFS

My second favorite feature in CloudSpot is the GIF support. I make a ton of GIFS for my clients to use as short video clips for their social media and website and always had to deliver them in a separate email. Where on Cloudspot I can add them directly into my client gallery easily so that they can access them as soon as I deliver their gallery. You can also upload JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, Ai and PDF files!! How cool is that?!


As a photographer reputation is everything! Potential clients want to know how you were to work with, how efficient you are, how you made your clients feel and of course how awesome their images will be. In the gallery section you can create a call to action where you can collect reviews.

Since doing this I have had a huge uptick in Google reviews. This in turn helps my SEO and search-ability as a brand photographer.

I type out a simple message that says…Did you love your session? I would LOVE if you could take 3 minutes & leave me a review of your experience on Google and if you would post 1 or 2 favorite images from your session. Doing a review helps other awesome clients like you find me. Thank you!!

Some other things you could use the call to action button for would be to send them to your website, to a link to book another session, to an email list capture or to your social pages..the possibilities are endless!

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady


Your galleries can be perfectly branded just for you! As a brand photographer that gets a huge heck yes from me! You can add your logo, watermark and brand accent color. I love this feature because it makes me look good! It gives a cohesive on brand visual in every single aspect of my business.

This is a big plus because I have clients that share their galleries with friends, family and some of the brand designers, web designers and others that help with in their business and they see my work looking pulled together and professional. This has actually landed me a few additional jobs and a go to brand photographer for a few local brand designers.

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady | Brand galleries


Last but not least my fifth favorite feature is the notification center. This is where I can see when my client logs into their gallery, shares their gallery, downloads an image and see how much the are loving all of their images. This is such a big help not just for affirming that they have seen and are excited about their images but also makes me aware when clients choose additional images which means more money in my pocket, YAY!!

You can see below what the notification center looks like. I whited out my clients names for privacy.

Don’t just take my word for it, try CloudSpot out for yourself… you will LOVE IT!! Trust me I know it can seem overwhelming and a huge task to make a switch like this. I did it and moved over 8 years of work. CloudSpot offers free consultations to answer any questions you have about using CloudSpot for your business. They are the best there is!! Sign up here to check out Cloudspot for yourself and see all the phenomenal features that can up level your business!

Ready for your own CloudSpot experience? Sign up free today.

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