What is the difference between a portrait session and a brand session?

July 23, 2022

What is a brand session and why you need one!

I often get asked what is the difference between a brand photo session and a portrait session. Here I will share a bit about what I do and a few big differences. I started brand photography before brand photography was a word or a thing. No one really knew what it was but, I knew the importance of it. Five years ago I was doing business coaching with creative entrepreneurs and would do website and social site evaluations for their businesses. There I would see that very few of them had images of themselves and if they did they were YEARS old. I saw a huge need for beautiful images of my clients to showcase who they are, what they do and convey all of that in a series of images. This is how The Branded Boss Lady was born!

I have worked with a range of clients from doctors, architects, interior designers, therapists, artists and more. I have worked with them on brand voice strategy sessions to get to know their brand personal style, ideal clients and customer as well as creating a cohesive shoot to showcase their brand. 

There is a bit of a pricing difference between a brand photographer and portrait photographer because of all of the planning that goes into a brand session. It is typically 4-6 weeks of planning for a brand shoot with lots of conversations and time spent planning with your brand photographer. below I wanted to share the biggest differences between a portrait and brand session. 

A few big differences between what a brand photographer and portrait photographer do.

Difference of images

Portrait session: Images of you, more lifestyle look. 

Brand session: Strategically thought out images that will connect with prospective clients. These are typically photographed in your working environment showing what you do, your work process and some “get to know you” images.

The process of the session

Portrait session: Just show up and get photographed.

Branding session: 4-6 weeks of planning props, locations, outfits, accessories, styling, hair and makeup and the image content. There is some homework involved for both of us but it is so worth it once you see the final images!  

Type of images you will receive

Portrait session: Images of you looking cute. 

Brand session: Intentional images with purpose and consistent brand message to attract to your ideal client, connect to your brand tribe and make more money!


Portrait session: Typically priced $400-600

Brand session: Typically priced $1200-4500 

Amount of images your receive

Portrait session: 20-30 images 

Brand session: A custom branded library full of beautiful imagery. Some brand photographers give a specific amount of edited images and charge a lower price while others will give you all the images and charge a higher rate.

Session time

Portrait session: 30-45 minutes

Brand session: 2-5 hours depending on locations, outfit changes, pricing and photographer’s process.

Are you ready for a brand session yet?

If you say yes to any of the following, you are ready!! Are you  getting a website update or rebrand, launching a new program or course, looking to convert sales through images while you sleep, want to up level your social media, want to have a more consistent look and feel to your web and social sites  Are you ready to make more money? If you said yes, then let’s get this process going. Contact me HERE to schedule your session!


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