Anaïs Amade | Orlando Interior & Architectural Designer

December 4, 2022

Orlando Interior and architectural designer brand photo session

Interior and architectural designer brand photo session

I had such a fun time with this interior and architectural designer brand photo session! Anaïs was born in France and received a master’s degree from the Interior Architecture and Design School, École Camondo in Paris. While being a professional water skier, Anaïs spent the next 10 years developing her know-how and experience in the world of interior architecture and design. She worked for the luxury personal beauty company, L’Oréal LUXE group, in Paris and Miami. Inspired by unique details and architecture learned from her life in France, Australia and USA,

With over 10 years experience as an Interior Designer in the luxury departments, which has included multiple positions across the world. Anais have decided to utilize this experience and knowledge by forming my own Interior Design and Design Company.

Aware to details, proportions, ergonomics and technologies, Hestia & Hermès can tailor your requirements and inspire sense to your project whilst making sure that every project designed has longevity in mind.

Anais’ designs bring each space to life.

Inspired by unique details from lighting and ambience to architectural history. Utilizing both her background in the luxury commercial sector and extensive travels, Anais has honed her craft with an attention to detail and focus on a sense of proportion and balance.

Passionate about different cultures and artistic circles,. She developed a deep knowledge for furniture, textiles, photography and interior decor.  While creating timeless, inspired architecture that transcends run-of-the-mill trends to achieve a refined aesthetic.


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