Ten things to look for and ask when hiring a brand photographer

December 31, 2022

10 things to look for and ask when hiring a Orlando brand photographer

Top 10 things to look for when hiring a brand photographer

As an Orlando brand photographer I pride myself on my client experience, open communication and creativity for each and every client I work with. No session is the same, no client is the same and their “why” that they need images is always different!

After being a brand photographer for 7 years and having repeat clients all over these years (so thankful). I have learned from my clients what is important in this process. For most people brand photography is a new experience. So I wanted to share 10 of my top tips on looking for a brand photographer to help you through this what is sure to be exciting process!


Check the photographer’s portfolio, not just their website and Instagram feed. Not all photographers are the same and have experience in working with brands.

After being a wedding photographer for 12 years I can tell you that what I did in weddings gave me great experience to be creative and think on me feet but it did not make me a brand photographer. Brand photography is also having the marketing skills and being able to give an overall feel, look and impression of what a business or brand is all about. I have been a brand photographer going on 8 years now and I am a continuous student of this craft. But I will tell you that my greatest experience is having photographed thousands of women, with repeat clients over these last 8 years.

For the photographers experience look at at-least 3-5 full galleries. This will help you get a great overall feel for their editing style and consistency in posing and shooting. If they do not openly share this with you make sure you ask. I share 12 full client galleries in my very first email with my potential clients because this helps them see my range in work, style, editing and posing consistency.

2.Photography style

Does the photographer edit in a style you like or that works best for your brand look? For example, is light and bright editing match your brand or would dark and moody match better? This is all about your brand aesthetic and what creates a cohesive look. For example, Loft brand is bright, clean editing style and classic posing while Anthropologie brand is more moody and shadowy editing, with a more edgy look. Both are beautiful styles, but you need to know which direction to take your brand in before hiring a photographer. And make sure you can convey this to the photographer to see if that is within their scope of abilities. I highly suggest making a Pinterest board prior to seeking out a brand photographer so that you see what you gravitate towards.

A few questions to ask… 

Can you share your inspiration board with your photographer and ask if they can match your brand style? Some photographers have a very set specific style when shooting and editing and some are more flexible with editing style. Know this BEFORE you got into your session and communicate what you need style wise. 

3.Editing Style

How do they edit skin tones and are they true to life tones? For example, do their clients skin tones look natural? Do they know how to photograph and edit the tones of alabaster skin to dark brown skin? This is so important to be able to show diversity within skin tones and sadly not every photographer knows how to do this. This is another reason why checking out a few full galleries is so important.

A few questions to ask… 

Do you do skin editing is it more natural/true to life or do you edit out things like scars/acne/braces? My style is very true to life and minimal skin edits. I do soften the skin a bit but DO NOT make my clients look years younger or pounds lighter. I want an honest editing style that highlights my clients. 

Do you photoshop to change weight, age or anything in the background? Some photographers will include this in their workflow some will send these edits out to an editor. As I said before I do not use unnatural editing but will edit out flyaways with hair, outlets or distractions in images. Any additional edits are sent out to an editor at an additional fee. 

4. Creative Vision

Does the brand photographer you are looking at have a process that they work with through with their clients? Will they help you with the shot list and be creative on shoot day? Are you looking for specific images to share on your new course and need landscape style images with white space? Like I said before no two clients need the same thing for their session so making sure your vision is communicated.\

Having a strong creative vision is essential to creating unique, captivating images for your business. They can bring a unique perspective to your brand by capturing images that accurately convey the essence of your business and its values. A creative vision can also help to set your brand apart from competitors, making it more eye-catching and memorable. It can also help to communicate your message to potential customers in a more powerful way, making it easier to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

A few questions to ask… 

Will you help me build a shot list? Some photographers leave this up to the clients, you do know what you need in your brand BUT, I like to have my clients build their list and then I add on to it bu messing where there are gaps in their visual marketing. 

Will you help me pick props? This is something I leave this up to my clients since you know what you need and what tools you use in your business. I do have a 2k square foot studio with LOADS of props that I have curated over the last 8 years so chances are I have some things that you may need. I suggest putting together your prop list and then checking in with me to see what else you may need and if I have it.

Will you help me with wardrobe OR can they help with referring a stylist? I actually do both. I send out a guide once my clients book their session to walk them through wardrobe and accessory tips and will connect them one of the stylist that I works with if they need additional help with shopping, creating looks and help pulling together an overall polished look. 

5.Posing, Direction & Details

Will this photographer direct/ pose you to look and feel confident? This to me is one of the most important parts of the process because it can make or break the session. If you are not given direction and do not feel confident it will definitely come across in your images!

This is where I feel like I shine! I am obsessed with making women see themselves in a different way and feel powerful and confident in their images. This process needs to be fun and flow easily. Story time… I have had a session where I was the one being photographed and it was SO AKWARD!!! The photographer did not give any direction, it was complete silence and even through I had years of experience I wanted the photographer to guide me through the process. I felt even more nervous and I couldn’t see if my bra was showing or if my hair was out of place. Needless to say I got the images back and I was pretty sad about the entire experience. Lesson learned! 

A few questions to ask… 

Will you help with direction/ posing? This to me is one of the most important parts of the process because it can make or break the session. If you are not given direction and do not feel confident it will definitely come across in your images! Also, posing for different careers is very important as well. I would never pose a lawyer or a therapist in the same way. A lawyer need to look confident, stoic and serious where a therapist needs to look friendly, approachable and kind. Two very different posing methods with each of these clients and I know that through doing a brand evaluation and knowing their industry. 

Will you be able to show me what angles look best? Absolutely and I would love if you would share with me anything that you are self conscious about. This will help me when posing and directing you. 


Can the photographer clearly explain their day of session and process to you? Do they schedule a call with you before your session to finalize those last-minute details? Are they easy to get a hold of if you have questions? Will they be available through text or do you need to schedule calls. I know this sounds simple enough, but this is a big one, especially if you have questions about what to bring, wardrobe, shot list etc.

A few questions to ask…

Do you schedule a call before the session? Some photographers do a discovery call prior to the session, some do a call to finalize details prior to the session. I like to be available to my clients prior to the session and during the planning phase. I also like to do a check in right before brand sessions to see if my clients have any last minute questions that I can help with. 

May I text or call you if I have any questions? I am available to my clients through a call, text or email. For my clients that want to hop on a call I have a call scheduler that I set aside calls two days per week. Texting and email availability during business hours 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday. I always respond within 24 hours but usually sooner. 

7. Flexibility

Does the photographer have the ability to take on different types of projects and adapt to various conditions? Do they only photograph people, interior, food, product etc? Make sure you ask because some brand photographers do all and some focus solely on one type of session. I love photographing female business owners, products and interiors.

A few questions to ask… 

Do they know how to use artificial/flash lighting if needed? Some photographers use flash all the time, some prefer natural light and some do what the conditions call for. I love shooting all natural light because how beautifully it allows for natural skin tones to come out. But will definitely use flash or artificial lighting as needed to make the image have even and consistent light. 

Depending on where you are photographing your session do they know how to shoot in the different elements and make them creative? What if it rains on a day of session that is scheduled outdoors?  Does the photographer have the ability to change things up and make it work? Do they need to reschedule or plan a new location? 

Do they have a studio or do they help you find locations? I have a 2k square foot studio that all of my clients have access to for their sessions. Rain and bad weather are never a concern here!  I also go on location for shoots when clients need me to come to them. For example when working with my interior design clients, I am at different residences every time. For clients that want to shoot on location like a coffee shop or store, I ask that they are responsible for contacting the owners/management and getting permission as well as paying any rental fees involved in this. 

8.Deliverables & Availability

Does the photographer let you know how long until you will receive you finished gallery or sneak peek? Is the photographer able to accommodate your scheduling needs? for example are you doing a launch next month and need your images to create marketing materials within 2 weeks? Be up front if you have a deadline and need images in a specific timeframe.

A few questions to ask… 

What is your editing time? Once images are photographed how long does it take you to edit and deliver images. Some photographers have a specific timeframes based on schedule and some have “rush” editing available if you are in a time crunch.

Do you (the client) get to pick the images you would like to edit or does the photographer pick their favorites?  I have my clients choose their favorites and those are the ones I edit and deliver. I also choose 1-5 images to give examples of what final editing looks like and deliver those as well. 

Can I get these done by XYZ timeframe? If you are waiting on images for a launch communicate this prior to your session to make sure the photographer can accommodate. 


Is the photographer’s rate within your marketing budget? Remember that brand photography IS A TAX WRITE OFF!! This is part of your business marketing expenses and I suggest at least getting an update on brand images every 9-12 months. 

A few questions to ask… 

How much is a session and what is included and how many images are included? Some photographers have a set number included in the session and some only have the session fee and then you pay for individual images. Some allow you to purchase additional images. I structure my business on my time and the final images I provide and have sessions that range from $349-4500. 

How can I use these images?  Will your images have limitations on usage? Can you use them across all social platforms, can you use them on your website, commercials, signs etc. Most photographers have usage /copyright agreements. Make sure you find out and communicate what you will be using the images for. 


Saving the best for last! Personality is a HUGE factor when hiring a brand photographer because having a great rapport and connection with the photographer can go a long way in producing images that reflect your brands desired message and aesthetic. This is one of the most important comments that I hear about from my clients is that I made them comfortable and made the session fun! It really is like finding a perfect date, trust me if you have a bad one your will know!

 A good personality can help to create an enjoyable atmosphere on the shoot day and make the process of creating the images much smoother. This should be a fun and exciting process for you and your business so making sure you talk to your photographer before you book your session is a huge plus! 

A few questions to ask… 

With this I suggest scheduling a call, a lot can be told by how your conversation flow on the phone is. Another tip is check out their IG reels and stories, you can tell a lot from their personality through videos. 

Remember to have fun and let me know if I can help with anything! If you would like to schedule a call to see if I am a great fit for you and your brand CLICK HERE. 


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