What is B roll and how to use it in your brand

March 16, 2023

B Roll video for female owned brand

B roll and Short form video | how it can help you engage your customers and earn more money!

Brand video and B roll is now available for all Branded Boss Lady Sessions and I am so dang excited to offer this. After the huge success of video content over the past two years more and more brands are starting to use video content. Which is why I decided to offer B roll to my clients. I saw a need for this in my sessions and decided last year that this was a process I needed to learn and start for my own business. These past two months I have been shooting a ton with as many of my clients as I could so that I could perfect the editing and process to match the brand images. This way my clients could have cohesive look throughout their brand.

Why every brand and business needs B roll… it is an essential part of any brand’s video content strategy. It helps to provide context and visual interest to a story, and can be used to illustrate concepts and emotions that are difficult to capture with a single shot.

B roll is especially useful for brands that are trying to create engaging and compelling content, as it can add depth and texture to a story and make the brand stand out in a crowded market. B roll can be used to showcase products or services, as well as to highlight the people and places associated with a brand. It can also be used to create visual interest and to draw viewers into the story being told. Ultimately, B roll is an invaluable tool for brands to tell their stories and engage their audiences.

Here are some ways you can use your B roll video in your brand to be see by your ideal client and customer.

Illustrate how your work or creative process works. Showing and sharing this visual will connect your customer to your process.

Use the B roll as a background video with a quote including trending audio on social media like TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can also add a voice-over and text to connect visual and audio.

Showing off your products in more than just images. Show your customers how your product work, the sizing and how and where you would use the product. Or record a step by step tutorial and then add a voice over or music later to change it up and get more use from it.

Show yourself working in your workspace. This will connect your clients so they can get a peek behind the curtain in your everyday life.

Create behind-the-scenes content. This could be you working with a client, doing a speaking engagement, interacting with friends or your pup. Anything where your clients can see the behind the scenes look at your life in the day to day.

A few tips on how to prep for B roll at your brand session

Come prepared! Like any great brand shoot making sure you have a clear idea of what shots you want before you start shooting. Have an idea of what you want to show and share in these videos and communicate that to me prior to your session.

Do you want straight on or overhead shots. Overhead shots are great if you are creating process videos of how you make something. Straight on shots are great with connecting to your audience/ customer.

Do you need vertical or landscape shots. Vertical is great for social media like IG reels, Facebook ads, Pinterest video content. Landscape is great for course background and website or blog background as well as Youtube header.

B-roll footage can be used in various ways

B-roll footage is an essential tool for video production and storytelling. It adds visual interest, reinforces the message, and helps to create a cohesive narrative. It also allows for more creative flexibility in editing and can enhance the emotional impact of the video.

B-roll footage can be used in various ways to improve the overall quality of a video. For instance, it can be used to provide context and establish the location or setting of a story. It can also be used to introduce characters, show their environment, and convey their emotions.

Additionally, B-roll can be used to bridge scenes and create smoother transitions between different parts of the video. It can also help to break up long monologues or interviews, adding visual interest to keep the viewer engaged.

Overall, B-roll footage is a powerful tool for video storytelling and can significantly improve the quality of your video production. So it’s essential to plan and shoot your B-roll footage carefully and intentionally to create a compelling and engaging story for your audience.

Check out more of my B Roll videos and ways I used them for client marketing HERE.


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