Color and fashion filled brand session

May 13, 2023

Color and fashion filled brand photo session

Orlando creative colorful brand photo session

As an Orlando brand photographer and artist, I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my creativity flowing. Sometimes, when I’m photographing up to 30 clients a month, I find myself getting into a bit of a rhythm and in need of some inspiration.

So, where do I turn? Well, it turns out that sometimes the most unexpected places can be a treasure trove of creative inspiration. Case in point: my local craft store! This entire session came from an idea I got while roaming the aisle of my local craft store. When I stumbled upon a gift wrap that caught my eye, and my imagination ran wild from there.

I knew I had to turn this gift wrap into a photo session. I reached out to one of my past clients, the fabulous Lauren Vacula, to collaborate on a colorful and fun shoot. Lauren has an amazing eye for style and isn’t afraid to take risks with colors and fashion. Which made her the perfect partner for this project.

The colorful session plan that all came together

Together, we planned out the session, keeping a consistent tonal color range throughout the sets with her wardrobe choices. I used colors like yellow, purple, and fuchsia to tie everything together. I even created a Pantone wall that could work with any outfit choice. Of course, I couldn’t forget about the wrapping paper that started it all. I incorporated it in a few different ways, and it really tied everything together!

With balloons, banners, and plenty of color, this photo shoot was an absolute blast to put together. Lauren and I collaborated on some seriously fun outfit options. I was absolutely squealing with delight when she showed them to me. From a bright yellow gown with a huge bow to a purple mini dress with puff sleeves, we had so many fun options to work with!

Designing this session was a huge joy for me, and it definitely rejuvenated my creative spark. Now, I’m bursting with new ideas for sets I can offer my clients, and I can’t wait to see where my next burst of inspiration will come from. Take a peek and enjoy this session, I hope it brings a big colorful jolt of joy to you too!

Client Lauren Vacula

Hair and Makeup Makeover Station

Photography, video, set design and concept The Branded Boss Lady | Photographed at The Brand Studio


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