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June 11, 2023

Sunset Lakes Residence | Kardinia Interior Design Brand Session

How to prep as a designer for your interior photo session

If I wasn’t a photographer I would definitely work in the world of interior design in some capacity. I love the textiles, textures and seeing how thoughtful details definitely make a big impact. I get to work with some amazingly talented designers that trust me to come into their clients home and share their design through my images. Below are some beautiful spaces that I have had the honor of photographing.

All designs below are by Kardinia Interior Design

Here are my key tips on how to prep for your interior photo session.

• I think natural light is best, it gives the true to life colors of the paint and materials used. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!! 

•I believe that EVERYTHING should be styled. Like I said, small details make a big difference! 

•Greenery or flowers should be in every single room. It gives life to a space and makes it inviting and look lived in. Seeded Eucalyptus and palm leaves are my favorite. If going for flowers look for neutral colors like hydrangeas or white peonies.

•Furniture should be moved to get THE PERFECT shot.  I always help with this.

•Designers should get their hair and make up done the day of the interior session. Images of you in the space are key to connecting to potential clients that see you in the space you designed. 

•Have help or bring an assistant the day of to  get things ready in the home before I arrive. Clearing personal items and making the space camera ready.

•Book enough time for the session. Good things take time. Yes, I can go through a home and shoot quickly but, getting key shots and all of the details take time. Typically I photograph a 2k square foot space in about 3 hours.

•Getting details ready prior to the session is something I can help with, I do also offer styling as part of my interior sessions as an add on..just ask

•Send a quick video from your phone with all the lights off to your photographer so they can see the natural light within the space. This is a huge help for me seeing where the natural light comes in and game plan on how and what angles to photograph.

•Always tell your photographer any stand out details that you want to highlight. You know the design and details best, sharing these helps us make sure we get these must have shots

•Think about your vendors when photographing an interior session. Do you want to be able to tag or link to the companies and vendors you work with? This can get you more exposure in your business and create strong relationships with your vendors team! Think about textiles designer, lighting company, tile brand and company, cabinet makers, carpenters and your contractors. They will LOVE YOU for this!!

Got questions? I am happy to answer them. Book a 20 minute call with me to find out more how we can work together. Want to see some more of my interior design photography galleries? Check them out here!

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