Five amazing tools that every brand photographer needs

November 5, 2023

Five top tools you need as a brand photographer

5 tools you need in your business now as a brand photographer!

Trust me I know running a business can be overwhelming, I totally get it because I run three…ekkk! I have a brand photography business where i have worked consistently the last 8 years with over 150 clients per year. I have a coaching business where I work with up to 12 creative business owners per year to help them grow their businesses. And I have a studio that I rent out to other photographers in Orlando. So I NEED lots of organization!

I have found the tools that work best for me in my businesses are the ones that help me stay organized and require little from me after I initially set them up. I mean who wants to be constantly updating ALL THE THINGS all the time?!

Here are five amazing tools that every brand photographer needs!

Sharing my most favorite and most used program first. My gallery delivery cloud storage site called CloudSpot. I literally use CloudSpot daily and could not run my business without it. This is the best gallery delivery for photographers that there is in the industry! And now they even have a CRM that is included in your membership!! I switched over 4 years ago and am so impressed with their service, growth and care for their community!!  I use CloudSpot as a proof gallery site for my brand photography clients to pick their favorite images. As a gallery delivery site so my clients can easily access their images on their computer or through their mobile app.

My client emails…yep I made them in Flodesk! I am simply amazed at the ease of using this email marketing tool, and it is SO PRETTY. Flodesk is  giving their beta members (that’s me) a chance to offer you 50% off of your subscription so you can lock in your rate at $19 a month. And that is FOREVER!! 

Planoly is a fantastic visual planning tool that allows me to create calendars to plan my Instagram content, curate the content, schedule posts and analyze my engagement.

With my three businesses, I keep two of my businesses (coaching & my studio) all organized under Acuity This is a super awesome scheduling tool that my clients can book a call with me, find session times and book a session and pay all in one. Heck to the YES!!

Canva is probably my next most used business tools.  I use Canva daily to create Instagram Stories, Reels, Facebook templates, Client boards… you name it!. I have the pro account and it is worth every penny, I pay around $120 per year.

Check these out and please let me know what you think. And, if you have more tools you love I would love to hear about them. Share in the comments your top tools!

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