Regina Boyd | Leaving Loneliness Behind book launch

November 7, 2023

Regina Boyd Orlando Marriage Therapist Brand Session for book launch Leaving Loneliness behind

Regina Boyd Marriage Therapist Brand Session for book launch

Meeting my sweet client Regina for a mini video and photo session to showcase her new book and workbook, “Leaving Loneliness Behind,” was an absolute delight. Regina’s radiant spirit and her passion for her work always shine through, and this time was no exception. Additionally, it was an opportunity to catch up and hear about the incredible things happening in her life and business.

In “Leaving Loneliness Behind,” licensed Catholic therapist Regina Boyd addresses a deeply profound and universal human experience. She reminds us of the significance of our connections with God and others in shaping who we are as individuals. However, the reality often falls short, leaving us grappling with feelings of loneliness and doubt.

Regina’s book is a guide to building the skills necessary for meaningful, rich, and rewarding relationships with both God and those around us. She emphasizes the importance of emotional intimacy as the antidote to loneliness. This involves sharing our feelings and vulnerabilities with others, thus deepening our connections.

To help readers achieve this emotional intimacy, Regina outlines five essential keys:

  1. Recognize the potential depths in your existing relationships.
  2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to enable true intimacy.
  3. Communicate through conflicts with an emphasis on affection, trust, and openness.
  4. Acknowledge the past and work towards emotional wholeness.
  5. Give of yourself for the sake of the relationship.

Each chapter of the book features real-life stories that illustrate how these principles can transform marriages, friendships, families, and workplaces. Regina seamlessly weaves Catholic thought, scripture, and Church teachings into the narrative, demonstrating the profound connection between faith and our daily interactions.

“Leaving Loneliness Behind” is not just a book; it’s a guide to creating deeper, more fulfilling relationships with a spiritual dimension that resonates with the heart and soul. Regina Boyd’s work is a testament to the power of faith and vulnerability in overcoming loneliness and building lasting connections.

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