Seven tips on how to prep for your brand photo session

December 3, 2023

seven tips to prep for your brand session


Let’s chat tips on how to plan for your brand photo shoot. One of the biggest talking points with my clients is what we want to convey in their images. Are they an artist like Nina that wants to show their customers their process of how she gets from blank canvas to gorgeous final art that will be the centerpiece of your room? Do they want to share a bit about themselves and step up to be the face of their brand? Well guess what, I am here to help! Below you will find my seven tips on how to help you plan for a successful brand photo shoot!

1. PLAN YOUR PROPS- When gathering ideas, think of the day to day items (props) that you use in your business. This is a great way to start sourcing and organizing your props. For example if you are a yoga instructor you may use a yoga mat, blocks, crystals, meditation cards and water bottle. Here are some of my favorite go to props for my clients

2. PLAN YOUR WARDROBE- Outfits & accessories. What do you wear to work, what do you wear when you meet with a client or customer? What are you comfortable wearing? Making sure you have outfits that are industry appropriate and you feel super confident in. Here are some of my favorite must haves for wardrobe.

3. PLAN YOUR LOCATION- Where do you work? Do you want to shoot in your work space, my studio or find a unique space to rent? I love my studio because I can create different “sets” and it is indoors…HELLO air conditioning!!! But, I do have clients that want to shoot in their own space or studio. Some of my clients love renting Air BNB’s for a fun change of scenery and the pick of decor and maybe more space than their own office.

4. PLANNING CONTENT-  What format of images do you need? Landscape, vertical, a hero image with a lot of white space? Where are you using these images? Blog, website, social media.  

Images, details and mood boards oh my!

5. PLAN DETAILED SHOT LIST- What are the topics you talk about over and over again with clients? These will help plan a detailed shot list of images you know you need. I will help you create some other image ideas!

6.  CREATE A MOOD BOARD-  Make a Pinterest board of ideas, poses, colors and props that inspire you. This helps me a ton when I work with my clients to ensure that we are on the same page for their brand visuals. Pantone cards as well as vision board cards and great to create a a mood board. Here are some great cards and props to use for creating your mood board.

7.  HOW MANY IMAGES DO YOU NEED- Typically my full brand shoots are between 40-100 images. 25 images of you sprinkled throughout your social platforms could last you for a good 3-6 months. Knowing this ahead of time also helps us plan the time we shoot and how many outfits you will need.

Hope this helps you with a few points n how to plan for your brand session! Feel free to check out some of my most recent brand sessions with some of the most amazing clients!!  

If you are ready to book your session feel free shoot me an email ( anytime with questions or to book a free consultation call. Or, book your session now HERE


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