Suneera Madhani CEO School Brand Session

December 2, 2023

suneera madhani of CEO School Brand photo shoot

Suneera from Stax and CEO School Brand Session

Meet the super fab and inspirational woman behind Stax and CEO school …..Suneera!

Suneera is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, CEO, podcaster and trailblazer of the credit card and finance industry! She was named to of Fortune’s 40 under 40 list and most recently the recipient of the EY entrepreneur of the year!

I have followed this gal on social media for a while and was completely in awe of her path to success and tenacity to take the credit card/finance world by storm. An industry that is mostly male dominated. HELLS YES GIRL 🙌

Thrilled to share a few favs from her incredible brand session. Cannot wait to work with her again!

Suneera Madhani | Hair and Makeup Makeover Station | images by The Branded Boss Lady



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