Which brand photo session is right for you and your business?

December 2, 2023

Which brand photo session is right for you and your business?

Personal branding photos vs Headshot session | Orlando Brand Photographer

Which brand photo session is right for you and your business? I get asked quite a bit what is the difference between the sessions I offer, and how do I know what is a good fit for my clients? Well I have a few sessions to choose from for all the boss ladies. Below I have listed what the biggest difference in my sessions are. And of course I always have a client consultation to call to see what my clients needs are. As well as how many images they need and where they are using these images.

What is a headshot session?

Headshots are best for someone that only needs a refresh on their headshot image. These are great to use for your bio image, about page, speaker announcement, email signature and more! These images are typically from mid chest up but I like to leave a bit more room and photograph my clients from hip up so that there is room to crop the image in whatever way they need. Below are a few examples of my headshot session clients.

What is a branding photo session?

Innovator, Maker and Full brand sessions are great for the gal that needs it all. Images for all social outlets, their website, blog, customized stock images, sales pages, lead pages the list goes on and on. This will give them content to last for a few months to a year! Brand sessions are a fantastic way to show your process of working, show your why and give your clients and customers a behind the scenes look into your business.They are way more than a headshot!

IMAGES: The biggest difference between my headshot sessions and my other sessions is the amount of images for the headshot session you receive 5 images. For my other sessions your receive between 40-100 images depending on what session you choose.

TIME:The next is the amount of time we spend shooting. The headshot session is 30 minutes in studio. Other sessions are 2-4 hours at multiple locations and use of multiple in studio “sets”.
LOCATION: My Headshot session, brand mini session and refresh session are done ONLY in my studio as opposed to outdoor or on location for other sessions.

WARDROBE: Headshot session I typically ask to bring two top changes since we are shooting waist up. For other sessions I request 4-5 full wardrobe changes so that we get a bunch of different looks to give you more variety in your content!

For my Maker, Innovator and Full brand clients they will get a personalized shoot guide loaded with information about what to bring for their session. Prop sourcing, how to pick outfits, image inspiration and a packing checklist for the day of their session will also be provided.

Below are some examples of some brand sessions with my clients.

If you are ready to book your session feel free shoot me an email. ( anytime with questions or to book a free consultation call. Or, book your session now HERE


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